MTS components manages production custom-made mechanical, turning

20 years at the service of the BEST

MTS components manages production and sale of custom-made mechanical parts
used on industrial machines and systems.


MTS components aims at providing for the "customer satisfaction", while supporting its customers through all the production phases, efficiently offering a high quality product as for times and costs. Based on an in-depth needs analysis, we plan and manage production batches together with the customer, setting an organised warehouse ready to rapidly meet any request
Thanks to checks throughout the production process and to a consistently customised computer system, products can be systematically catalogued along with their certificate of conformity, and the warehouse can be strategically co-ordinated, monitoring the entire "supply chain" and connecting logistics and any production phase to the final good shipping.
Efficiency and high level of technology significantly improve the quality of finished products and reduce costs, especially if you want to limit the number of parts to be assembled. A "perfect" product is a key factor for business growth.
Impianto fotovoltaico
MTS components is a GREEN company investing a lot in clean energy, through its photovoltaic system, and in eco-innovation through customised manufacturing processes aiming at reducing the environmental impact and at optimising resources.

Our Warehouse


The indissoluble link between our customers and our SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER, coordinating and controlling any strategic and operational issue of the “supply chain”, allowed to set a computerised warehouse with a large material stock (including their certificate of conformity) divided by type and size. A storage system optimising production times and providing for the immediate availability of the material upon request.

Custom-Made Parts

MTS components manages production and sale of the custom-made mechanical parts used on industrial machines and systems.

Mechanical parts are manufactured with specific materials that are regularly tested with cutting-edge technologies through chemical and mechanical analysis. The parts hold a high technological and quality content as they are manufactured by technicians with thirty years of experience in the mechanical sector.

MTS components guarantees high-quality Thermal and Galvanic treatments thanks to many reliable and qualified service providers.

Our Machines

The company has a large fleet of digital machine tools, both traditional and bar units, processing from 5 to 70 cm in diameter, with the possibility of producing standard and special parts in a short time, ensuring a flexible sales service.
We would also like to stress that most of our machine tools are fitted with an y-axis and counterhead. Thus parts from the bar can be milled, drilled off-axis, and turned in one go.



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