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Information according to EU Regulation 2016/679 art. 13

MTS Components Srl is the data controller of the site and is responsible to inform visitors about cookies used by this website.

Cookies are small string files that are saved on user's device when browsing the website and used to improve and customize the navigation of the website.
Cookies can be “proprietary” from the domain itself or from “third-parties” generated by other sites to deliver content on this website you are visiting.
Our system uses temporary cookies – they are limited to the session and deleted at the of the session - as well as permanent cookies, which remain stored in the device also after leaving the website or closing the browser. These cookies remain until their expected expiration or until they are removed or deleted by the user. Cookies cannot access nor read other files stored in the device's memory and cannot be used as malware. There are other technologies such as pixel tags, web bugs, web storage and other similar files and technologies that can perform the same functions as cookies. In this Cookie Policy with term "cookie" we also refer all these similar technologies.

Technical or functional cookies
Technical or functional cookies are stored directly by our domain and are used to save the user's consent or to manage specific service delivery functions according to the user's choices. These cookies do not require user’s consent.

Third-party cookies
This website integrates features developed by third parties, such as the Google Rechaptcha component, using their own third-party cookies for analytical and tracking purposes about user’s preferences and devices. For these cookies, we inform the visitor through the initial banner before accessing the website.

Targeting cookies
We do not use targeting, marketing or similar cookies.

Cookie consent – management of cookies
When entering our website, a cookie banner message is displayed with a link to this extended information. By closing the banner and/or browsing the site, the visitor gives consent to cookies also third parties cookies, consent is stored with a "technical cookie" in the user's device.

Cookies can be managed as explained in the following examples, which are by the way only some examples of the possible ones:
  • using browser settings, to allow or prevent cookies and third-party cookies. Some settings also allow personal selection of third parties cookies to block;
  • addition of specific software components to the browser (the so-called plug-ins), which specialize the functions commonly made available by software for the navigation and which can be set by the user to select cookies accordingly to their domain;
  • Using "do not track" option, which inform each site visited that user don’t want to be tracked during the navigation. However, this functionality is not standard yet and there is no certainty it is implemented on all domains that store cookies on the website.
  • disabling Google Analytics cookies by visiting the Google web page (Google GaOptOut) and downloading the add-on related to the used browser.
Note: if you choose to block cookies, complete functionality of the website could be compromised.

Link to other websites
On this site there are links to external websites. These links lead the user to interact with services offered by third-party sites and implies the exchange of information with such sites. The visitor is therefore invited to further check purpose and scope of data collection, how to apply for personal rights, and the setting options to protect his/her privacy using the guidelines provided by the relevant third parties.

Data controller
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Changes to this policy
This policy concerns the personal data processed by cookies from this website. Any possible new regulation as well as the constant analysis and updates of web services, could lead to a change in our privacy policy. The visitor is therefore invited to periodically visit this page.